Our combined expertise in audience insights, user experience, visual design, and product development gives us the ability to move rapidly to concrete, testable concepts.

Phillip Bensaid + Andrea Cutright

Entrepreneurs by day and insomniac problem solvers all other times. Our special power is uncovering uniquely actionable insights, divining a clear user path, and creating standout digital products and services. We truly believe we do more with less to build a valuable business. Founding team members for Billshrink & Foodily (acquired 2012 and 2015). Consultants for Aardvark, Lala, Directly, and Flipboard. Executive leaders at ASKfm. Steeped in learning at Yahoo! and Frog Design. As experienced entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of getting to the next goal post. 

Leon Tabary + Alex Lopez

Alex and Leon are new to San Francisco, having relocated from Brooklyn this summer. They divide the work of leading and carrying out project for UX, visual design, and flow of digital products.  Alex and Leon are recent and award-winning graduates of the Pratt Institute where their studies emphasized design thinking and a hands-on approach to creating memorable user experiences.