Customer research as a rigorous and creative process for designing, building and launching new customer experiences
Expanding your footprint with prototyping & design

Expanding your footprint with prototyping & design


Flipboard is entering a new phase of growth as its content starts making its way into other digital experiences. This brand expansion can be tricky and DONECOMPANY was tasked with rapidly designing new content interfaces that helped Flipbaoard expand existing partnerships and explore additional distribution channels.

This was an amazing project - but we still adhered to our first principles for helping move innovation forward inside a company.    

First - we move in. Good teams can move further faster and becoming a part of the Flipboard team for 3 months maximized the amount of exploration that could be conceived and tested. We were on-hand anytime new information had to be surfaced and incorporated quickly (which is exactly all the time). 

Second - we embrace the culture. Any company process has already been taught, tested, thumped-on, questioned, and embraced. While our work has lots of rigor, we don't waste hours on "tuh-duh" presentations [unless that's your process]. 

Third - we are the skeptical innocents. We watch for contradictions between goals and project requirements, and between what customer say and what they actually do. As experience entrepreneurs, we know that questions are what can deliver those "ah-ha" gifts to design and product teams.



We had a blast.  We <3 that team.  Okay - well - we have to stay tight lipped about this one for a while. Suffice it to say we were defined some amazing new formats for content distribution, and potentially ground-breaking partnerships. We're excited to see those executions in the coming year (we hear they're coming soon!). 

To build a better MVP, we start with subtraction

To build a better MVP, we start with subtraction