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Helping Uber Central become unstoppable

Helping Uber Central become unstoppable

Not often is there a chance to grow a category, but Uber Central had the chance to do just that. As a profitable arm of Uber's enterprise platform, Central allows companies to arrange Uber rides of behalf of their customers, clients and guests. 

Our challenge: Help Uber Central find it’s product-market fit and create sales and marketing programs that sparked adoption.


Phase 1. Double down on dealerships

We got to work with a deep review of Salesforce and product analytics before zeroing in on automotive dealers who used Uber Central to eliminate shuttles and customer wait times. There are over 300M care service or repair orders per year in the US alone. We held over 20 1:1 interviews with dealer managers to identify the features and benefits that would best position Uber Central for success. Side hustle: we collected insights from hotels and airlines so we could use automotive as a beachhead into those categories.

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Phase 2. Sales Reboot

We began with 3 specific goals: First, give the global Uber sales team a compelling solution-forward sales presentation and category-specific sales collateral, including a sales video and testimonials, that would help drive SQLs. Second, we introduced an events strategy to boost awareness, putting Uber Central directly in-front of auto dealers. Finally, introduced more fire power with a City Team playbook so Uber's localized teams across the world could get rewarded for converting auto dealerships.  

Phase 3.  Product marketing reboot

Uber Central was all about helping other companies delight customers with door-to-door transportation. We improved the in-product messaging, worked with the Uber design team to craft targeted demand campaigns, and launched a first webinar for new customers. To keep the momentum going, we helped launch new product features  - including flexible time rides and pre-scheduled rides - and rolled out quantitative research to prioritize the product roadmap and identify promising new features.

Results: Growth for Uber Central was 3x in first quarter after the roll-out. Can't imagine anything better. 

Uncovering originality in an everyday task

Uncovering originality in an everyday task

Our agenda? Up and to the right. :)

Our agenda? Up and to the right. :)