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To build a better MVP, we start with subtraction

To build a better MVP, we start with subtraction

Helping to reinvent recruiting

BetterCo mines Applicant Tracking Systems to create a marketplace that lets recruiters tap into the top 15% of candidates that make it past phone screens, tests and interviews. Their team is lean. Their product is cool. And they have a very short timeframe to deliver growth.

A typical start-up story. What was different? They hired DONE to push them toward a solidly tested MVP that was ready for development in just 4 weeks. 

Get going by letting go

BetterCo had a notable backlog of use cases they were dying to tackle. Each use case addressed a real customer pain point, made the core product more unique, and were buildable.  So we helped the team kill most of them. (It helps to have an outside team guide this process with impunity). 

The first task was to get the team to ruthlessly focused on only those few user stories that would move more candidates into the marketplace - their #1 growth goal.  This kind of clarity can really energize a team, build momentum, and minimize conflict in your development process.  

Rapid prototyping and testing

With a renewed focus on a minimal set of use cases, we rapidly built out designs to test with their design and product team. Working collaboratively is not only efficient, it gives you implicit buy-in from all team members. We validated and iterated on designs with rapid qualitative tests and turned what could have been guesswork into concrete, high conversion products with a deeper insights into growing the customer relationship.


4 weeks later:  New MVP being built out now with a clear goal and plan in place. Stay tuned for conversion data! We're confident it will be a winner.

Expanding your footprint with prototyping & design

Expanding your footprint with prototyping & design

Uncovering originality in an everyday task

Uncovering originality in an everyday task