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A path to 31% more registrations for Flipboard

A path to 31% more registrations for Flipboard


Flipboard, the first smart magazine, has a massive audience—500M downloads in the Play store alone. Their responsive web platform didn't convert nearly as well as their app channels and improving that needed a fresh set of eyes. 

Our goal was to use Flipboard’s own data to uncover user context and turn the web into a higher converting, higher value channel.


Using data to gathering user intent 

The only way to grow conversion is to appeal to the users intentions. Most companies don't have a quick, economic or scalable way to uncover motivations and understand user context. Many default to thinking about their users only by location or by device.  

At DONECOMPANY we put a unique user-experience lens on analytics. We deduce intention by comparing a variety of data points - time spent by next click, login by referral, or sessions by device. We then rapidly identify and test out potential use cases based on the data. For Flipboard, we uncovered one distinct user intention that would be our conversion multiplier.

Beautiful design. Gorgeous results.

With user motivations understood, it was a pleasure to create a new web design for Flipboard. Our design grew conversion by 31% - focusing on our data insights, bringing the value of Flipboard content to the forefront, and giving new users an undisrupted path to registration. And, the new design was done in close collaboration with the entire Flipboard design team to ensure the new web design could be easily extended for a planned brand evolution.

Doing more for existing users

One outcome of our users insights was a new understanding of existing users came to the web. They came not only to read content but to understand news about Flipboard itself.  Besides smoothing existing user product paths, we also developed a promotion module for company announcements, new content, and promotional programs. These announcements can now be pushed seamlessly into user feeds and a built so they don't require an extensive CMS system. 

Doing more for revenue

Increased conversion, strong user insights, and improving the experience for existing users made Flipboard's web platform an enormously attractive business opportunity. The data, the design, and the process of testing made the web platform a tangible enough opportunity for Flipboard to invest additional resources and set new ambitious goals. 


Expanding to new product services with an 80%+ interest score

Expanding to new product services with an 80%+ interest score

Making it more memorable and 70% more profitable

Making it more memorable and 70% more profitable