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Our agenda? Up and to the right. :)

Our agenda? Up and to the right. :)



Many publishers face similar challenges: growing page views, increasing session time, engaging mobile users, squeezing ad revenue...throw in a decade-old brand design and a massive decline in viral traffic and you have a great project for DONECOMPANY. Queerty, the #1 LGBTQ news website, was ready for some bold moves. 

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Phase 1: Build on the past while moving into the future.

Queerty is known for a nudge, nudge, wink, wink editorial voice, best expressed in their tagline “Free of an agenda (except that gay one)”. 

We centered their new brand around this, giving their tagline hero status by adding an asterisk on the entire site.

Sarcastic, honest and inclusive - bringing you in on the joke immediately. 

DONECOMPANY combines a laser focus on measurable outcomes with top-notch creative ideas and design.  That focus has helped us make truly impactful choices, in real time, as we seek to improve our product and connect with new audiences. 
- Scott Gatz, CEO Q.Digital

PHASE 2: DRIVE up engagement + pageviews with design  

A more visual, punchy page designed to cleanly integrate ads is great for readers and makes it appealing for direct sale advertisers. Adding more emphasis to editorial channels - like tags and side bars - give users more opportunities to get engaged. 




Article page


A responsive, mobile-ready design



Mobile sessions are up 40%, pageviews are up 22%, social referrals are up 70%, and we're still waiting on NPS score improvements. Not bad for a 4 week project but don't take our word for it—here's an interview our client Scott Gatz.

Helping Uber Central become unstoppable

Helping Uber Central become unstoppable

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Expanding to new product services with an 80%+ interest score